Sunday, January 27, 2008

All New Knight Rider Premiers in Februrary. Who'd a Thunk It?

I thought for sure that KITT was done for good. What was old is new again as demonstrated by NBC as they are bringing back the cult favorite, Knight Rider.

Click here to see some videos.



yes, yes, yes.

My slow arse got smoked... but since it's you, I'll let it go.

The previews look purty good. Let's home it's not as bad as Hasselhoff singing.

Complaint Department Manager said...

The Mustang is most impressive, still wish they would have kept it in the GM family. I guess GM didn't see this as yet another great opportunity(first one was Transformers, of course) to sell the Camaro.


I think I've been a Camero fan ever since knight rider.

Low, black, tinted... yeah, i could still drive one with a T-top too.

Busplunge said...

Ah, you guys are just kids, pikers, I may dare say.

Nothing can compare to the Black Trans Am with the golden eagle decal on the hood. I am reverantly speaking of, of course, Smokey and The Bandit. Three decades in a Black Trans Am!

Busplunge said...
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Complaint Department Manager said...

Ah yes, the Screamin' Chicken. Many years back(before I developed any sense) I took a friend's chicken past 140 on I-40. Stupid, yes...but man it was a rush.