Friday, November 28, 2008


It's not just the big corporate fat cats that bow to the almighty dollar – screwing the little man, or the pregnant woman – for a big effing thingamajig or a pretty little whirly-gig. Oh no, the crap rolls downhill, and just as our banks are spending wads of free taxpayer cash on exotic get-a-ways and ball field naming rights the little man will stomp the guts out of his countrymen to get a good deal for Christmas.

The highlights from this year, so far include:
And so it goes every year with mad dashes down the isles. It seems that Wal-mart has been especially bad about crowd control, just opening the doors to throngs of crazed sleep-deprived shoppers hopped up on expensive coffee and the adrenaline from a good deal. How can it be fun, knowing that people are dying? The news this morning mentioned that Best Buy had a crowd-control plan. It's too bad it's come to this. That the people cannot control themselves to the point that the stores must control them. Sometimes people cannot be trusted to manage themselves.

I don't go out on Black Friday, at least not to the stores. I did get milk from the gas station and checked on Grandma. But I stayed away from the madness. I don't know how people can stand to give their children presents knowing that some pregnant lady lost her kid, or some worker lost his life, just so I could save $50 on a freaking thing.


Chris said...

I agree with your sentiments completely.

We are a society that indulges in greed and avarice, and Black Friday symbolizes it all.

Busplunge said...

Well a priest just told me I got to go to confession because I voted for that one.