Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I don't know why I didn't bother before this, but I finally made the transition to an RSS feed for my daily blog readership. I've been resistant to it for some strange reason, but the daily check of all the local blogs has become overwhelming. What's the point, really? It's so much easier to use the RSS feed and only those who have made updates. It's cut my time down significantly, leaving more time for silly things like family and homework.

I did notice that a couple of bloggers do not have any kind of RSS feed on their blog at all. That sucks for me because it means I will have to remember to check them out and that's a black hole of responsibility. I will likely forget. On the good side, I have added other blogs to the RSS feeds in Safari so I can check up on more bloggers.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

Did you end up getting my feed to work? I've been reading with Google's reader for quite some time now. It's great because I can log in and keep up to date from anywhere. It also lets me easily star a post so I can go back and respond to it when I have more time. Another awesome feature is that it has keyboard shortcuts like gmail.