Friday, November 07, 2008


Thousands, perhaps millions, prayed earlier this week that God's will be done during this election cycle. Can I suppose and assume that these same people who believed God's hand put Bush in place in the White House also elected Barack Obama? Did our willful prayers work much to the chagrin of the evangelicals?

Is it possible that God chose Barack Obama as our president? Or does he only do that with conservatives?

For my part, I'm not convinced that God meddles in our democratic affairs. Not that I know conclusively, of course, but I tend to believe that God watches and allows us to do what we will. (I've not always thought that.) That whole free will thing, I guess. You might believe differently, and that's cool. But if you do, and you are evangelical, then how do you justify the fact that Barack Obama won? I'm just curious. Feel free to leave comments. I won't argue with you or debate your views. I've put out my thought and give you your chance to do likewise. Just an informational post, really.


One of her best friends.... said...

I just talked to God about Obama's election.

She told me she was very happy all those Christians in America were praying to that her will be done.

She also she was disappointed that some were upset and calling Obama a socialist.

She mentioned that her only son was involved in a re-distribution affair involving loaves and fishes awhile back. Preachers still talk about it, she said. And it wasn't a multi-level marketign scheme either, it was on the legit.

She sends all her love and hopes that she doesn't have to come down here again anytime soon.

Remember the golden rule, she said.

Jeremy D. Young said...

@ first comment:
Well, the entirety of the Old Testament tells us what we corrupt and selfish human beings do even with a "perfect" Theocracy, so what makes you think that the New Testament encourages us to have the Government institute Christianity? It worked so well for Constantine. Unless you think Obama is the messiah and can actually work a miracle, he better keep his hands off my loaves and fishes.

It is not love to have the Government steal my property and give it to whomever it pleases, including corrupt politicians, corporations, etc. It is love for me to go and feed the poor, clothe the naked, and give a warm place to stay to the homeless. That love cannot be delegated, and that's what's wrong with the American Church.

@ Jack:
God's will is beyond our understanding. It's perfectly conceivable that Obama as President is within God's will. Either way, God's will isn't determined solely by what Christians pray for. God does what will bring Him glory. If God wants to make a point with the President, who are we to stop him? We can't demand of God that he make our points, or on our timing.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Jack, Jack, Jack. Why feed the consevatives?

run_deep said...

I swear I am not a paid announcement, but have you watched the show _Saving Grace_? A friend recommended it to be about a month ago and I am an addict. There are lots of fun shows on TV, but the only thing I can think of to compare _Grace_ to is (dare I say it?) M*A*S*H. Funny, but not. And real and maybe necessary.

Some really good God questions in there, and Holly Hunter has to be a minor deity in her own right. A lot of it reminds me of _The Brothers Karamazov_. I really like how well it rights the line between profound and just plain goofy. How it asks all the questions, but doesn't give too many answers.

Larry Litle said...


We have had this discussion previously. I believe all authority is appointed from God. I believe His plan is beyond our understanding. I firmly believe it was His will for Bush and for Obama to be our Presidents. I believe we are called to support them with our prayers. It is not a Christian's job to bad mouth our authorities. It is our job to keep them accountable for their actions and ideas and to call them out but above all to always pray for them.

Chris said...

I think God has a perfect will, and he also allows things to happen by people's choosing (the free will he gave us).

God's will being done in this election is not contingent upon who wins. His Will is that everyone who calls upon his name to be saved, is saved -- and are blessed and taken care of.