Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The Halloween tree is down and the Christmas one is ready to go. It’s the same tree, but with different decorations and lights. Last night the House of Jack watched our first Christmas flick. The daughter chose The Simpsons Christmas on dvd. Nice intro to the season.

It makes plenty of folks mad enough, I know, but Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the season for us. Bear in mind, 80 percent of our gifts are already purchased. We’ve helped Grandma do her shopping too.

It feels good to have so much stress out of the way by this time. It makes the holiday season feel like a holiday rather than a burden. Later this week we will kick on the Elvis Christmas CD – cause it ain’t Christmas without Elvis – and put the decorations on the Christmas tree. Soon, we will need to watch the greatest Christmas movie ever: A Christmas Story. Anyone who disagrees will be shot with a Red Ryder BB gun like the criminal they are.


Complaint Department Manager said...

I must confess to watching ABC Family and their batches of movies they've been running at night for the last 2 weeks.

Sky Girl said...

Thanksgiving is our official kick-off for Christmas music and movies, too! When we get back in town on Sunday, the tree is going up. We've got all but 2 or 3 gifts purchased, and ready to sit back and enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas Jack and family!

Busplunge said...

Fragile--- it must be Italian.

I am PROUD to say that I OWN a lamp just like that one!

My grandson Austin wants it when I die.

Ok, so it's just a night light, but it looks wonderful on the back porch.