Wednesday, November 05, 2008


McCain gave a great concession speech last night. One of the blogger's mentioned that it sounded like the first speech that he wrote himself in a long time. He sounded like his old self. The crowd let out a boo when he congratulated President-Elect Barack Obama. He was calm and cool about, it and set them straight in a respectful manner. Just like he should have. He showed great restraint and class. Had he done that during the election, I think he would have won. Had he not gone so negative, had he repudiated all the hate and anger, and had he constructed a consistent narrative, then he would likely have won. His negative campaigned worked for us, but I can't bring myself to be happy about it.

I said during the primary that Barack Obama was the only candidate that had a chance to beat McCain. The Republicans wanted Hillary because they knew they could beat her. She's her own worst enemy. I like her a lot, but I'm glad she lost. Besides, I think Obama was the better candidate anyway. Had it been Clinton-McCain fighting this out, we would have seen more red on that map.


Darin said...

Interesting post. The dialogue I saw on both sides was anything but civil. Then again, I took some really heavy hits from a Democratic Candidate (one who was slaughtered by the polls).
Personally, I'm glad it's over and the American people have the ability to vote.
Now, what to do with the hundreds of hours of video footage of politicos....hit delete?

Complaint Department Manager said...

I agree with you FJ. You can charge up the base all you want, it's not going to lead to more independent or uncommitted voters. The nation agreed that his direction was the wrong one, at least he finished with some class.