Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Oh, Snap! The Christmas claws are out and it won’t be long until the Warrior of all Things Christmas & Christian, Springfield’s evangelical attorney, writes another rant to the News-Leader claiming the subjugation and oppression of Christ and his devotees all because some people say Happy Holidays.

We followers of Christ here in the US are an awful trodden down lot of folks, are we not? I know I certainly feel that I am utterly unable to practice my religion for fear of reprisals from the ever-growing baby-haters and communists known as liberals, humanists and atheists. My goodness, my very life is in danger just from announcing my religion on this blog. How ever will I survive? Why, I might just get some angry comments or emails. Someone might disagree with me, or worse yet, they might tease me. Heaven forbid!

What’s the deal? The American Humanists Association launched an awareness campaign on humanism. In a nutshell, these folks believe that humans can do good and should do good simply because it is, well, good. The slogan is: “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake.” For some reason some folks see this as an assault on Christmas and Christianity. As you can imagine, Faux News was all over it today. There is something that some folks just need to know: It’s not always about you.

So the humanists want to tell people that they believe in morality and ethics as philosophies that the non-theist can also hold dear. In other words, these folks believe that being good is something that all persons can do regardless if they believe in God or not. Big deal. We need more ethics and morality in the world, regardless of the foundation from which it is born. Seems that Christians and humanists (along with other religious folks) can agree that morality and ethics are important to a harmonious community.

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Darin said...

Dude, that tag cracked me up (JP).

When in Kansas City a priest said something that resonated with me.

"Jesus gave us one commandment - love one another and I'm not talking about hugs - we're building churches not Christianity. If we're not loving one another, it's all bullshit"

Of course, Branson secretly passed a Christmas ordinance, this time out of the watchful eye of the press.