Wednesday, November 05, 2008


We talked last night about Missouri's continuing status as bellwether state. We certainly voted differently than the election went, but not by much. The presidential race was tighter than a mouse's rectum. According to the Secretary of State's website:

McCain (Rep) – 1,444,613 (49.4%)
Obama (Dem) – 1,436,745 (49.2%)
Bob Barr (Lib) – 11,355 (.4%)
Chuck Baldwin (Cst) – 8,181 (.3%)
Ralph Nader (Ind) – 17,769 (.6%)
Cynthia McKinney (Write In)0 – 958 (.0%)

It will be interesting to see how Missouri fits into the next presidential election. It does look like Obama's campaigning here made a significant difference.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

I suppose I was right. Not very excited about being right, but Missouri did not vote for the President Elect in 2008.