Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Comic company, Bluewater Productions, has started a line of biographical comics focusing on strong female trailblazers. Darren G. Davis, president of the company, offered this as his reasoning for starting the whole gig:

“Because it's something people care about; its something with a historical value in a modern context, and because it's important to highlight strong female figures.”

Davis went on to illustrate his love of comics and his desire to promote them with children:

“I had a hard time reading as a kid and comic books helped me get over that. So I want to take these biographies and be able to have others learn from the non traditional book medium.”

Which contemporary women are in the pipeline? The first will be Sen. Hillary Clinton followed by Gov. Sarah Palin and future First Lady Michelle Obama. Davis would not say who would come after that. It’s a surprise, but he did give a hint.

“The next one will be a television icon who has made a huge name for herself during the era when television was a male driven arena.”

Go, girl power!

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Jackie Melton said...

Go, girl power!

Woo hoo! :)