Saturday, March 06, 2010


Apparently, people are so enamored with the magical world of Pandora depicted in the movie AVATAR that they are experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts because they can't live there. All this crazy hubbub over a movie that is a nothing more than a weak mishmash of ideas stolen from other scripts covered in an admittedly well done CGI gravy. 

Oh yeah. Fans are reporting experiencing depression and considering suicide according to CNN. I can't stand it. The only thing that movie did well, and does deserve an Oscar for, is the CGI. And I simply can't explain AVATAR inducing depression except to say that people must walk in with profound sense of malaise and depression to begin with. 

I can see how it's ripping of other scripts might make one angry. I'm depressed that it's up for so many Oscars. I might self-mutilate by slamming my head against the wall or gauging my eyes out with a hot poker if AVATAR wins. But killing myself over its cinematography or story? Judas Priest!

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