Saturday, March 06, 2010



We are hosting an Oscar party this year, thanks to both of us being employed. (I was still getting my master's this time last year.) Skinny Kitty is out of town all weekend for a scrapbook retreat and that leaves the daughter and I to get everything ready. I'm not dirtying up a kitchen to cook for 15 adults and 5 kids, just to clean it up all by myself. No thank you. Skinny Kitty will come home on Sunday to several gourmet pies from Arris' Pizza.

In celebration of the Oscars sometimes ridiculous winners, I offer 5 Reasons the Oscars Matter Even Less Than You Thought from Those bastards are going to choose AVATAR to win all kinds of nonsense. I just know it. I will spew like that girl in THE EXORCIST. Therefore, we are changing our rules of engagement. No longer will attendees mark down their best guesses for who will win at the Oscars. This year, we are recording who we would choose if we were the judge and jury. 

If you need more Hollywood laughs, try out these stories from the same comedic crew at Cracked.

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