Friday, March 12, 2010


While we are talking about crazy, why not mention the New Zealand woman who sold two vials containing the souls of the dead in an ebay-like auction for nearly $2,000 usd?

Vial one contained the spirit of an older gentlemen from the 1920s. The other held a truculent girl. Apparently, a Ouija board was used to capture the apparitions. Fret not, dear readers. The glass containers were dipped in holy water to "dull the spirits' energy."

My comic book guy (who tipped me off to the story) and I want to know what happens if the corks pop during shipment. Does the UPS truck become haunted? How does one go about pouring a soul into a glass tube? Do you run around scooping air into the vial? Perhaps you siphen the air around the Ouija board then exhale it into the container? Perhaps you smoke too much dope?

Oh I know. You just believe the spirits into the vials. 

(Who is crazier: the seller or the buyer?)


Complaint Department Manager said...

If they REALLY wanted to dull the spirits, they could have dipped them in Lake Erie.

Sky Girl said...

I think I may have some jars in the garage that have spirits in them. I'll sell them to anyone who wants them for $99 each. It's a bargain!

Jason Rohrblogger said...

I've purchased several ghosts-in-a-bottle. It's always the same: over caffeinated, high-fructose ghosts drowning in preservatives. You are way better off bottling your own ghosts, in your own attic or graveyard. They are fresher, more healthy, and you know what you are getting. One of the reasons Americans, and their ghosts, are so unhealthy these days are all these corporate pre-bottled spirits available to anyone over the internet. I know in today's go-go money hungry world, nobody has the time to home-bottle a ghost. But just be haunted but one and you'll feel the difference. Flame-on haters, but I'll be up at the witching hour with my Ball Jars and my chicken blood. I'll have a fresh hot-steaming ghost for breakfast and several more bottled up for lunch. Enjoy your over-processed internet afterlife vapor. Suckers.