Monday, March 22, 2010


I do have a real, legitimate religious question related to health care. 

Many of my friends believe that God has his hand everywhere. That God controls who is elected and what is done. God's will be done. Many people were praying about this health care issue – for and against. So if this many people prayed for God's intervention and we believe God answers prayers (inot always in the way we want, but in what he thinks is in the best interests of his plans) can we then extrapolate that the passage of health care reform was God's will? That he determined it was the best path for America? He does not ignore prayer and there was tons of it. Or do we only do that when we like the outcome of a thing. Then it's God's will. If we disagree, then it is the Devil's work? How do serious followers of Christ answer these questions?

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Darin Codon said...

The debate over free will and predestination is as old as the modern church. As the anniversary of Calvin was celebrated last year I pondered the issue quite a bit.

An interesting fact about healthcare and the term "hospital" is that the word meant free ie hospitality and the Church was the first to provide healthcare to the needy.

In the end it comes to the will of the people, the tools God gave us to shape the world.

I don't personally prescribe to either party; however, I'm certain that neither Republican or Democrat is the lobby of the almighty.

God Bless.

P.S. If it's against your religion you don't have to sign up for health care.