Saturday, March 20, 2010


Many congressional bills are not perfect when they first hit. Civil rights protections have continued to evolve (or devolve in the case of one Governor). The health care bill is not perfect and there are things I do not like (favors insurance companies too much) and things I wish were included (single payer system). 

For years the Democrats have been trying to get some form of health care reform. The Republicans took great pleasure and pride in the fact that they shut down Hillary Clinton's attempt to make a go of it in the 90s. The talking points of that same party have continued to be, not on passing some form of health care reform, but on stopping it. The rhetoric is slowing changing to repealing it if passed. 

I understand people's reservations. I have them, too. Will it cost more money than they expect? That is a possibility and it's scary. We need something. What we have does not work any longer. Pundits keep saying that this plan mirrors what Gov. Romney's health care reform did in his state. That makes me wonder if this really isn't about fear and keeping a liberal president from succeeding. 

We need health care reform and despite what the Republicans on television keep saying (America does not want the bill) many, many Americans do want and need health care reform. I know that Glenn Beck says that social justice is evil, but Jesus was for it and so am I.

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Sky Girl said...

I think I am for it. I know I originally was for it. Then I became confused trying to read all the multiple versions of the bill (some were very bad, with many bad earmarks). I hope you are right and that if we can get something passed, it will continue to evolve in a positive way.