Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There is plenty of talk in the news, on Facebook and in the streets about Nazis lately. A few people are touting signs with Obama sporting a Hitler mustachio, but I discount those folks as nuttier than a hoot owl. 

This post is about regular folks, normal people if you will, typically rational folks who are gumming up dialogue with references to Nazis, and history repeating itself, and other nonsense. I maintain it is all very uncivilized and does nothing to help us remember history and stay on the righteous path. 

I've stopped commenting about it on Facebook because very good people are irrationally linking Obama to Hitler. They aren't saying Obama is Hitler, and in fact they say the opposite. Then comes the "but ..." and the linkage begins. 

Just this morning I caught a news story on MSNBC about a new Harris poll asking Republicans if  Obama is like Hitler or the Anti-Christ. Couldn't find the MSNBC video, but I did find this Yahoo news story. The results?

57% Republicans (32% overall) = Obama is a Muslim
45% Republicans (25% overall) = Obama not born in the US and ineligible to be president
38% Republicans (20% overall) = Obama "doing many of the things Hitler did"
24% Republicans (14% overall) = Obama "may be the Anti-Christ"

According to Michelle Goldberg as paraphrased by Yahoo News, "Respondents without a college education are vastly more likely to believe such claims, while Americans with college degrees or better are less easily duped."

The poll surveyed 2,230 people.

Judas Priest! I did a quick Google search of Obama like Hitler and found more than I needed. Here are a few:

All of this reminds me a lot of the "love the sinner, hate the sin" mantra used to "love" homosexuals while still voting in favor of laws that make homosexuals unequal to us straight-screwing folk. All of this, every single bit, is because of fear. It's making normally reasonable human beings and turning them into Obama-Hitler crazies. Can't we just talk about the issues? Can't we debate the merits of health care without being batshit lunatics? 

Listen. I don't blindly follow the guy. He happens to hold many of the same views I have so I tend to agree with him. I am quite unhappy with the fact that we still have the Patriot Act. I think he should do a better job at communicating with Congress. 

This is turning into a circus, a really bad circus. Even John "Across the Aisle" McCain told the American people not to expect any GOP cooperation on legislation for the rest of the year. That is about the midterm elections (GOP jobs) and not the business of the American people. Remember, there are more than 200 Republican amendments in the health care reform act. Despite what they say, Republican ideas were included. You can forget that. It's now all about elections, even though we are months away from those.

It's all nuts. People need to calm down and read the articles that state explicitly how health care reform will impact us. There are some really great things in that legislation. We should do the people's business and not be on constant campaigning status. 

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I've always maintained, and continue to maintain, that there is no such thing as a Christian politician. That is to say, I don't think any of them are honest. I do support the ones that hold more of my views.)


Anonymous said...

I agree with is all about fear...but also racism! I think some conservative white folk are really struggling with be out of the position of power and privilege that they have had for so long. It is uncomfortably painful for them and they feel out of control. There are going to be some great books out in the future that I can't wait to read....from the struggle of inequality of the races between Barack and Hillary (women's issues) to the hear and now, and health care reform and Nancy Pelosi being the first woman Speaker of the House....It will be some great reading of how our country still struggles with race relations, women in power, and power privilege issues. Looking forward to the very embarrassing research. -Ms. Fat Jack (skinny kitty)

Complaint Department Manager said...

"I've always maintained, and continue to maintain, that there is no such thing as a Christian politician. That is to say, I don't think any of them are honest. I do support the ones that hold more of my views"


Sky Girl said...

That there is a poll that has a category for "do you think (fill in blank) may be the anti-Christ" is totally creepy. That almost 1/4 of people said "yes, Obama may be the anti-Christ" is totally...well, I'm at a loss. Insane? Bizarre? Scary? It sorta freaks me out.