Monday, March 22, 2010


It's Spring break and the daughter is thinking about her summer activities. Drama camp, guitar, cheerleading, soccer, basketball? What will she choose? The wife and I are working out the details in committee and we hope to bring the vote to the floor soon:

  • How many activities is a 10-year-old allowed? 
  • Is she getting enough exercise? 
  • Is she too involved? 
  • What activities promote her strenghts? 
  • How can we build on her weaknesses? 

Don't expect any stupid amendments or an attempt to slow the process down. The decisions must be made, as they are in the best interests of the child's development. 

There's more to life than sports. Big time. Music does wonders for the brain and mathematics specifically (according to research). We need a nice balance and assurance that there is plenty of sweat time. She is so good at drama that we cannot neglect that either. Then there is the issue of what the daughter wants. We believe in choice. 

The daughter is interested in basketball. She cheers like a banshee at the Lady Bears games and had a blast watching her older cousin play in a tourney. So it was off to the store today to pick up a girls' basketball. A pink and white, indoor-outdoor, intermediate size fit the bill. We've spent the last hour dribbling, practicing proper shot form, and playing P.I.G and Around the World. 

We'll see where that takes us. We have a b-ball goal and never bought a ball. We needed one anyway. So no big deal to buy one even if she doesn't play in a league.

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