Friday, February 15, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Date on Valentine's Day

Skinny Kitty was out of town on Valentine’s Day, so that left the daughter and I to our own devices. I picked her up from school and we scooted home quick-quick, let the dog out, then headed to the Springfield 8 to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. This movie was based on the very popular series of children’s books by the same name.

She was hungry after school and we didn’t have time to get her a snack, so we picked her up a kid’s pack (popcorn, snack and drink) for cheap at the concession stand. It wasn’t until after they made hers that I remembered they offer a healthy kid’s snack (popcorn, granola and a juice). We will opt for that next time.

She jumped at the monsters and beasties, covered her eyes, and did that very cute kid thing of looking through the fingers of her hand. She was a bit scared but loved it at the same time. As the credits rolled, she exclaimed that she wanted to buy it on DVD. I guess that is a ringing endorsement. It really was a good kid’s movie.

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