Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Blogaroni Vote is In, Is Yours?

You have just 12 days left to submit your vote for the annual Blogaroni Awards (due Februrary 15). We just sent ours to Larry at Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind, who has once again spearheaded the event. Many thanks to him for that. We have elected to not vote for ourselves, although we are truly magnificent in our blogging ability. Bask in glory that is Fat Jack. Bask I say! But somehow voting for our own blog just seems arrogant. There are so many great local blogs out there, and I mean that sincerely.

We would like to suggest that we have a blogger meet-up to disseminate the awards and get the monthly meetings going again. Would any of you fancy schmancy bloggers like to meet and hang out once a month for an hour or two? We used to meet on a Tuesday eve 6 p.m. at Patton Alley Pub but that could change if it worked out better for everyone.

1 comment:

The Lorax said...

It's like voting for Nader or Paul...

do you want to vote trade or something, Jack? =)