Tuesday, February 05, 2008

School teachers and Mac addicts rejoice! Software for You.

Planbook is Mac software for the teacher. Not a grade book, but a plan book in digital form – also published on the web – and boy does it look cool. Administrator want to see what your planning for the next week? No problem. You’ve got it all on Planbook. Students lost a handout? They can go to the website and download it themselves. Parents want to know what you are working on? It’s all on the website. Did a student miss a day? They can … you guessed it … check the website.

Features include:

  1. Attach files and web links to lessons- no more hunting in file cabinets to find the worksheet, test or other document you used in class. Double click and your files open in the correct application.
  2. Publish your planbook directly to the web or to a local folder on your hard drive. Once you publish your plan book to a website, students, parents, teachers and administrators can access the parts of your plan book you want them to see from their web browser. No more “what’d we do yesterday” or “did my son/daughter have homework” questions from parents and students. Built in FTP upload allows you to post your lessons on the internet in seconds!
  3. Quickly and easily create individualized, printable reports for students and administrators who want and need them.
  4. Search your plan book. Can’t remember when you taught projectile motion? Search and find the lessons you want in seconds.
  5. View and print weekly lesson plans for personal use, administrator review or posting in class.

It costs $30 per teacher, or $100 for 10 teachers. There are other site license discounts as well. Check the website for sample web pages, themes and to download.

If you teach and use a Mac, then check out this program. I haven’t used it yet, but I will.

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