Friday, February 15, 2008

Biblical Message is About Justice, Especially for the Poor

That is what comic creator Anjinbayo Akinsiku, known as Siku, wanted to get across to readers when he created THE MANGA BIBLE: FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION. You can read all about it in this story from the New York Times.

I have written about this graphic novel before – here and here. It made its way into my hands a few weeks ago and is being reviewed by three pastors that I know and trust. I cannot wait to read it myself and get feedback from those that are more scholarly than I when it comes to the Bible.

Speaking of Biblical graphic novels, JMG Comics is releasing a series called MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES, where Biblical stories are set in the future with sci-fi flare. Unlike traditional manga (pronounced "mahn-ga" not "main-ga") this will be in color. That is the right move. Scoop has the story here, including some art. The story states:
All the characters, themes, and stories from the Bible will remain the same, but in a science fiction setting with aliens, robots, and futuristic technology. “Just like modernized versions of Shakespeare’s plays, by taking a solid, meaningful story and translating its elements as faithfully as possible into a new setting, we hope to bring out some of the more amazing details that might get missed by today’s readers,” co-writer Tom Hall explained.

Comics are a great way to help bring young people to The Bible. It makes the stories relevant. Now how will the stories change, setting them in the future? Who knows. But it might just help students relate as many youngsters see Bible stories as very old and irrelevant to their lives.

As a side note: I know that I offer a lot of criticism of Christians. I happen to think that tall persons of faith, regardless of the religion, must constantly re-examine their lives and philosophies to make sure they are in line with that religion. So I challenge a lot of Christian dogma, as that is my religion.

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