Monday, February 25, 2008

Jews: The Synagogue of Satan

While I am writing about crazy preachers, why not show you what this Baptist preacher says about the other religions. He categorizes Judaism as the "Synagogue of Satan." He's none too happy about Catholics either, lumping them into the group of false religions. Amazing as Catholics are ... uh ... Christians too.

This is nothing new to me, as I heard these kinds of sermons all the time when I was growing up. We were taught that Catholicism was a "cult."

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Unknown said...

Just remember that not all Baptists are like this. I never heard any of this crap in the Southern Baptist churches I grew up in nor at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. I guess not all Baptists are equal. I know that Southern Baptists are very different creatures than more fundamental Baptists. (I am also a recovering Baptist but for very different reasons).