Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Roaming the Red Rug at the Blogaronis

Red Carpet my behind. We are nowhere near as fancy as all that. More like Red Rugs if you ask me. With all that, I will host the event because of Larry’s [ahem] scheduling snafu. I’m sensing a smear campaign in his absence. That’ll teach him to duck out on us.

Don’t expect the paparazzi and forget about valet parking. You will have to drive your own butt to the Blogaroni’s, park your own clunker, and waddle yourselves to the meeting room. So help me, if anyone wears a tie ….

By the way, this is at Panera, so bloggers can bring their progeny as their ain't no moonshine.

1 comment:

Busplunge said...

The Bus thought about running a shuttle from the National Avenue Art Shop Parking Lot to the front door of Panera Bread. We didn't think too long about it.