Monday, July 07, 2008

17-Year-Old Boy with Disabilities Missing

A boy with disabilities, who looks much younger than his real age, is missing, according to the News-Leader. Caleb needs medications and he is also very trusting of strangers. Too much trust can be common among persons with disabilities. A picture of Caleb can be found on the News-Leader website.

Name: Caleb J. Barnes
Nickname: CJ
Age: 17
Height: 5-feet 6-inches
Weight: 95-100 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde

If you have information, call 9-1-1.

A little known program exists designed specifically for persons who are in danger of wandering off. Project Lifesaver is a national program that works with law enforcement. Participating counties will place a tracking band on the wrist or ankle of the individual. When a loved one escapes, a call is placed to the sheriff's department. Officers are dispatched (by car and/or plan). They use technology that looks like the tracking wand from Wild Kingdom. Typically individuals are found in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks – can make the difference between life and death. Greene County does participate in some capacity, but it is Webster County that is the supervising agency for Missouri.

The program is very beneficial for many citizens including: children, adults, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. Many children with Autism are prone to wandering away (or running away).

If you have questions, I suggest you contact Webster County first or Project Lifesaver. It is not available in all counties, but many times a neighboring county will accept you.

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Anonymous said...

This was such horse shit! I knew Caleb personally. He didn't "wander off" he ran away from abusive parents. I know the parents, and they have had DFS on their ass for over 12 years. They can't even adopt anymore because of it.