Friday, July 25, 2008

Updgrades and iPods

Today was update day. My parents got a new Mac and needed help getting the info off the old machine on the new one. I’ve been eyeing the new Mac operating system (Leopard) anyway. MobileMe holds a lot of promise as my email, calendars, address book, bookmarks, and all that jazz can be pushed to all my computers and my info on .Mac. That means I can get to my info anytime. The new operating system made accessing my home Mac from my laptop much easier too.

So I’ve spent the day installing upgrades on three machines. Quite a job, but it’s been a lot of fun. I also spent the better part of an hour installing all of Dad’s music on his Mac so he can use his new iPod that my sister got him for his birthday. He’s coming by tonight to pick up his equipment and get a quick tutorial for the iPod. Then we will hook up his FM modulator so he can listen to his music on the way back to Branson.

So where’s he been? Ah, he had to drive to Kentucky to pick up that leaky old Harley of his. Fixed good as new now. Turns out it was just a gasket for the leaking oil and a return spring in the transmission. Could happen to anyone. I’m glad it was nothing more. Typical wear and tear of an early 90’s motorcycle.

For an added bit of fun, I added all my pictures of Little Sturgis to his iPhoto library so he can reminisce. What a good son, eh, to share my boobie pictures with my Dad?

Back to Leopard, it is pretty dadgum cool so far and Mobile Me is some kind of bad dude. I make a change to email on my desktop. Say I get an email and I respond and place the email in a blog folder. Well, those changes are recorded or pushed n all machines and the Internet. Wicked cool. That makes for seamless transitions for a college student who works both from home and at school. Everything is the same, instantly.

Basking in the glory that is Mac. So how’s VISTA working for you PC-Weenies?

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