Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Do Eggs Come From, Exactly?

Thanks to the Bob and Tom Show, I don’t know if I will ever see a chicken egg in the same way. Boiled eggs are looking better and better. Anywho, I just learned that chickens (and other creatures) have only one hole from which poo, pee and babies are excreted.

That’s right. Our beloved eggs-over-easy come from the a chicken’s brown eye. I assumed that they were like us in that they had a special orifice for urine, another for fecal matter, and yet another as the sex hole. Not so, according to veterinarian Amber, who called in to the show to set the record straight. By the way, that single orifice is called the cloaca, which is the Latin term for sewer. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I lived in West Africa for three years: frequently, villagers would show up at the door with a sack of eggs.

Villagers considered eggs to be the waste of the chicken, and wouldn't eat them. They knew that we white folks liked eggs, though, so they'd leave them as a gift or sell them to us.

Sky Girl said...

Now there is some information I could have gone without. Gross.