Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Republican’s Aren’t All That Bad

We had a talk today, my daughter and I. She is interested in politics, state and federal. During lunch we were talking about politics and she asked if someone was a Democrat or a Republican. They were a Democrat and she commented that she was relieved.

So we had the talk, the one about how there are, amazingly, good Republicans and bad Democrats out there. That we should consider the person over the party. It’s hard for a third grader to fully understand such concepts as their little brains are still very black and white. It is much easier for kids to see Dems and good and Repugs as bad. That’s okay; it was still a good message to instill. I'm glad she is taking an interest in the larger community.


teach people not books said...

i think the problem is that too often republican becomes dangerously synonymous with neocon. and this is a major misunderstanding that much of the public left holds.

as far as what it means to be a true republican, i have no problem with fiscal conservatism. to some degree, i don't even have an issue with all of the "big government" issues repubs have, considering the piss poor state of many govt run programs s/a the VA and the FDA and USDA. this from me, someone believing wholeheartedly in the immediate need for socialized medicine.

funny, too, that republican belief in conservative spending is so flagrantly flouted by the neocon reality that is w & co.

Anonymous said...

Did you explain to her that Dems champion killing kids younger than she is? In the interest of fairness, do you think you should tell her the WHOLE story?