Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Go Meat!

My puppy could be the mascot for those funny Hillshire Farm Go Meat commercials. He’s spent the better part of two weeks at Camp Nanny (my parents’ house) with my daughter, a niece, a nephew, a cousin and two other tiny dogs . My father still works but my mother is retired so she entertains the kids and dogs for a couple of weeks in the summer. (The dogs are all under 5 pounds).

My daughter is home now and is fine, but the dog is spoiled rotten. He won’t eat. His food bowl has been full for days now. You see, he gets the meat while at Camp Nanny: boiled chicken, ground beef, steak, brats, you name it they feed it. Now that he’s home his is some kind of mad, holding out for the good stuff. It’s not like that at home. The table food is seldom served. We buy high quality dry food from All About Cats and Dogs; it is good stuff, but it is not the real meat.

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