Friday, July 25, 2008

The Maverick is Dead

Sen. John McCain is finding the road less traveled is much harder than he anticipated. Now that Sen. John McCain is an actual contender for the presidency, it appears he is abandoning his long-held positive parade, opting for typical, misleading, political attack ads.

I am so frustrated because while I disagree with McCain on several things, I have written about my appreciation of his character and seemingly high political ethics. He seemed different, strong, committed to positive campaigning and good politics. I bit the hook and have praised him a time or two.

His approves the message that Barack Obama is responsible for our gasoline prices. Click here for the video. Here is a quote from the ad:

Gas prices $4, $5, no end in sight. Because some in Washington are still saying ‘no’ to drilling in America, ‘no’ to independence from foreign oil. Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?” [shows picture of Obama with crowd chanting 'Obama, Obama!"].

Really? I was under the impression that even if we started drilled today, that it would be 10-15 years before we would actually see that oil. I think, perhaps, other issues and policies might be affecting the price of gasoline. And if memory serves, wasn’t it John McCain that was opposed to drilling not that long ago? So maybe Obama is not the one we should thank for high fuel prices, like the ad suggests.

I’m not surprised to see such a political ad. I’m not that naive, and I expected to see some crap thrown about from all kinds of swift boat-style groups. But I really thought, I hoped, that The Maverick would follow through on his promise to run a clean, respectable, honest campaign. That’s why I supported him during the primary. I really believed in his integrity.

He’s better than that and I expect more from The Maverick. I may not vote for him, but I do respect him, or at least I did until I saw this advertisement. I thought I would hurl when I heard him say: “I’m John McCain and I approve this message.”

Politics and a lust for power have killed a great leader and hero of American culture. I am mourning the figurative death of the Maverick.


Sky Girl said...

That ad is so misleading. It also fails to mention McCain's record of being involved with the big oil folks who are turning record profits right now.

Jason said...

Well, as least you weren't as hostile toward McCain as the other Obama fanboys.

Unknown said...


I am disappointed to see that also. I have not seen this information. I need to check out the commercial. Let me research this when a get a little extra time and post on it.

On the issue of drilling, I am getting a mixed message from some. The group that tells me that gas prices are high because of speculators believe there will be a shortage is also the group that is stating that drilling will not help. If the problem is speculation, would not drilling give cause to the speculators to believe more oil will eventually come so they should not drive the prices up? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

10-15 years. Hard to believe so long. Just remember, Dec 7 '41, what we lost in terms of our Pacific fleet in a couple of hours. Until then we were on a neutral footing, then suddenly we were thrust into the 2nd World War. We were able to go to wartime footing rebuild our navy and supply allies and do this all in the balance of 4 years. Our biggest hurdle would be to build refineries to process the oil because until we increase those it would not matter how much we bring in or produce it would only backlog. Why the hurdle? The increase taxes placed on the steel industries and the unions which demanded more than the manufacturers could bear. Less taxes and the labor would be cheaper abroad than here. Pittsburgh died and China became the main steel production center as well as other foreign locations. As far as environmental safety. Hurricane Katrina with all its might caused no spills in the gulf. We have better technology and accountabilities than when we had the EXXON Valdise. I would like to think America could rally to produce what we need as we research more viable methods of supplying our demands for energy. As it is now we can not sustain our system with 1970's thinking.

Widgetbrain said...

This needs to be the first and last sentence made in any discussion about McCain, for the remainder of the campaign.