Wednesday, July 02, 2008

HeroClix Batman: Alpha

(I've updated this post as I have received more information.)

I have been looking at HeroClix, the superhero miniature game, for a long time now. My thought is that it would be a great game for kids to play on those rainy days when we have indoor recess. Mathematics, strategy, and fun all rolled into one. Unfortunately, I hear mixed reviews about the game as far as tweens go. That is to say, that the rules are a bit complex, frustrating a good number of kids.

HeroClix Batman: Alpha utilizes simpler rules and easier game play, making it the perfect set for kids ages 8 and older (according to the box) or any newbies to HeroClix. A typical, HeroClix core game takes 1 hour, but the Alpha games take approximately 30 minutes. (Many elementary schools have gone to one 30-minute recess instead of two 15-minutes recesses.) That’s exactly what I was looking for. Please note that race, gender and disability are represented in the game pieces and that makes for a happy teacher.

The nice thing is that a more expensive starter set is not required. Each box contains 1 Batman, three random characters, 2 micro dice, a set of rules, and a map. So entry into the game can be pretty inexpensive.

Now to learn the rules and play the game – dad against daughter.

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