Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And Yet They Drink The Kool-Aid

The economy is in the toilet as institution after institution is crumbling. Meanwhile, one of our presidential candidates has been touting the foundations of our economy as strong. He’s been quoted saying it time and time again, but it is not playing well with the American public. Despite the fact that our Republican administration continues to tell us it’s all okay, the people are reeling from empty pocket books, lost homes, and impending bankruptcies.

Granted, he’s “clarified” his position saying now that he was referring to the great American worker. It’s crapola, of course. No one is buying it, including those American workers he is so proud of (all of a sudden). He’s planted his feet on the foundations of the Bush economic plan and its has done nothing but slide downhill, heading right for the cesspool at the end of the property.

And yet they drink the Kool-Aid.

And now his top pick for second in command is refusing to comply with the law. We are supposed to believe, I guess, that she is so innocent in the affair, so squeaky freaking clean, that she is no longer going to cooperate with an investigation. What would a McCain-Palin ticket look like if they were elected, if this is the transparency that they have been talking about in their many speeches?

And yet they drink the Kool-Aid.

That’s okay. We the People are free to believe what we want, in spite of the fact that the Republican-controlled Presidency and Republican-controlled Congress (until recently) has set the agenda, put the policies in place, and deregulated an industry that has taken advantage of the public and sold our strong economy to the god of all things porcelain. But the rich, for the most part, are doing just fine.

They clamor and call, trying to trick the public into believing that the evil Democrats will raise taxes on the middle class, that they will take the last few dollars that people have. It doesn’t matter that such rattletrap has been proven a lie. The election isn’t about issues. I’m not sure any presidential election is ever about issues. If it were, a tanked economy and the failed war would seal the deal.

The mud still flies. The machine cranks out lies. The public grows tired and weary of trying to sift through the garbage. They turn off the news and watch some reality show, waiting out the election.


Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt was the Republican who received the most financial pay from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Jason said...

Do you give any blame at all to the Democrats who are in control of Congress?

Anonymous said...

If you did not know:
The some of the top Democrat senators to receive funds were Senators Dodd, Kerry, Clinton and Obama.

(Check this out reference Sen. Obama's receipt of campaign contributions) [op cit.]

Jason said...

Anonymous...I was referring to Jack, not you.

run_deep said...

Every country has the government it deserves.
(Joseph Marie de Maistre)

(heavy sigh)

Complaint Department Manager said...

run_deep brings up a good point. Perhaps people should have thought twice before pulling the lever on re-electing a president that wants to keep them scared. Not enough people are THAT open-minded.