Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mecha Manga Bible Heroes: Retelling the Bible in the 23rd Century

Christian mythology set in the future with robots and whatnot? Why not? Who says the heroes of the Bible must be viewed only within real historical context? Who is to say that same stories, the same political and religious strife, wars and struggles cannot be told within a mechanized futuristic backdrop?

Newsarama published an excellent story on a new comic, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes. So much Christian literature is nothing more than a church service rather than a piece of literature. The morale being the only thing that really matters, which of course turns off many readers. Trite and didactic writing, while good intentioned I suppose, is boring and people tend to put it down.

After reading the interview, I didn’t get that feeling with Mecha Manga Bible Heroes. I think it is meant to relate Christian mythology (please read that word with a positive connotation) and not meant to preach and convert. It's supposed to be fun and offer a Christian worldview.

I am intrigued and wonder what the kids at church would think? I suspect it might make the Bible come alive for them.

Click here for the Newsarama Interview

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