Thursday, September 04, 2008

Has The World Gone Topsy-Turvey?

Palin did a bang up job last night and proved that this contest is going to get interesting and nasty. I do have one bone to pick: The Republicans are not about equal rights for women, despite their spin suggesting otherwise in this campaign. This was illustrated by the “hot chick” buttons a-plenty at the RNC last night. We saw both:

  • “Hoosiers for the Hot Chick”
  • “Hottest VP”

They want to play that the liberals are mounting a sexist attack against Palin, when it is the media that is asking the fair question regarding balancing home and politics. Forget the fact that Obama and Biden have already answered the question, placing the question fairly on the table, but Palin herself has opened the door about her home life carrying the “hockey mom” banner.

What is infuriating to me is that sexism is undoubtedly strong in this country and it is deeply entrenched within the media outlets. It happened to Hillary during her campaing and it has happened to Palin. And yet, it is panned when it happens to Hillary but is an outrage when it happens to Palin. Again, the media fuels all of this nastiness. The truth is, this campaign should not be about race or gender. It should be about issues.

The truth is, the Republican camp is not about women’s rights. McCain voted against equal pay for equal work, an issue that is the cornerstone of women’s rights. Women doing the same job as men should get the same pay. It happens, even here in Springfield. Beyond the pay equity issue, if we respect women and want to tear down that glass ceiling we do not turn around and objectify them. Talk about belittling Palin’s gubernatorial experience, what about wearing those “hot chick” buttons? Are we to take her gubernatorial experience seriously or simply see her as another attractive trophy pick of John McCain? She simply cannot have it both ways.

It is maddening. The liberals are the only ones who support women’s rights, having championed the cause for many years and yet the media and many women are being spoon-fed a heap of smoke and mirrors about women’s rights. Now that is not to say that conservatives should not be excited about her pick. It is glorious to know that no matter who wins the election, there will be a person of one minority population in the White House. We should all be excited about the prospect that things are changing. Certainly women (and men) who hold Palin’s ultra-conservative views – such as children who are raped must still bear the baby – have every right to be energized and proud that they have a candidate who they can relate to. I know I have a candidate that I really believe in and the feeling is indescribable. I am happy for anyone that finds their candidate, and she proves to be a worth opponent.

We need to talk about the issues, outline the differences between Obama-Biden and McCain Palin. Both sides are now touting change, a funny prospect coming from the party that has been in power for eight years, most of those years controlling both the House, Senate and the White House. How exactly are the same policies going to make real change? How is the economy going to get better when the foundations of this pitiful economy are fine in McCain’s view? If we define victory in Iraq as it was originally defined (The Iraqi government takes over, has free elections and doesn’t need us any more) and yet that deadline for free elections continues to get pushed off over and over (it was scheduled for this fall but is now set for sometime next year) then how can we state we are close to victory? Sure, we’ve had less deaths of American soldiers, which is a beautiful thing, but we’ve still not made headway in the realm of a victorious democracy. How is the environment going to get better when Palin does not believe in global warming? How are we going to get change if, in his own words, McCain proudly states that he voted with Bush 90% of the time? How is that change? How will any of the real issues get solved?

That’s what we need to talk about, flush out, have out.


Ole said...

Complaint Department Manager said...

Got to love John Stewart and that staff of his, great stuff. I'm glad I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I watched that, I clearly would have choked while laughing.

Nice find, Ole.

Sky Girl said...

Been loving John Stewart lately myself.

Cannot stand Sarah Palin. The more I find out, the more horrified I am.