Friday, September 05, 2008

On Non-Voting

Our friendly manager of the Internet Complaint Department is on a tirade about non-voters, as well he should be. I chimed in over there but thought I should walk a step further and report my thoughts over here.

What is it we celebrate about America? That thing that makes us different and better? Oh yeah, democracy. The cornerstone of which are free elections.

Flag-waving, chest-thumping, and chanting 9/11 do not make one patriotic, regardless how big the flag is, how hard the chest is thumped or how loud the idiot.

Participating in democracy and the voting process is the most significant way that a person can celebrate democracy and be patriotic. That is exactly what I plan on teaching my future children. Not voting is apathy and nothing more than a careless shoulder shrug of what makes America great.

Who says that? I say that. My name is Fat Jack and I freaking approve of this bad-ass message! Now I'm off on my new motorcycle to the Missouri statewide H.O.G rally here in rainy town.

(CDM: Skinny Kitty is still diggin' on the Mr. Pibb and she don't share. She thanks you every time she opens a can.)


Sky Girl said...

I take my kids with me to vote as often as possible, so we can discuss the importance of voting and they can learn by example.

Busplunge said...

That's why I like to see polling places in schools. Yeah, the kids have to eat lunch in the classroom, but they also have a chance to see democracy in action.

I also believe that school bond issues have a better chance of succeeding when people vote at school.

Similarily, no alcohol in the park, no gay marriage, no stem cell research has a better chance of succeeding when the polling place is in a church.

Sky Girl said...

Ozark schools are closed this year on November 4. Interesting choice to me.

Complaint Department Manager said...

I can't take full credit for the post, it was partially Skinny Kitty's mom's rant, but I did share that same beef. It just seemed like the right time to throw it out there.

I'm glad Skinny Kitty is thrilled, just shows that she has good tatse.

Anonymous said...

I think the push should be for people to be informed. I'd rather the uninformed stay away from the polls. Stupied people voting is how candidates get "Swiftboated." Voting should come with a current events quiz. You have to pass with a 75 or no card for you.