Monday, September 29, 2008


I posted an article regarding two statements that were made at the recent presidential debate. It occured to me that there are some deep implications in these statements worth discussion and some introspection.

Along came Jackie Melton, conservative blogger.

She and I had an excellent discussion on the topic. Imagine, a pinko commie and a fundamentalist hater being civil! (I feel it necessary to put a disclaimer in here for the ignorant who seem incapable to distinguish real smears with playful japes. I'm not a pinko commie and she's not a fundy hater.) That's because we didn't fall into the typical attacks and smears of many bloggers who can dish it out but not take it.

Both Jackie and I, on the other hand, can take it and dish it and smile the whole time. We are not the only ones; there are others in blogistan with the same, but not many. Seems like too many bloggers get their panties in a knot over nothing. We talk politics or religion, but they cannot handle being criticized or questioned, putting them on the attack and making all kinds of accusations, rather than discussing the issue. If you have run into folks with knots in their underbritches, have you noticed that theyalso happen to be the ones who love to dish out challenges and criticize others? What's the word? Oh, it's irony.

Here is a perfect example of two opposing people discussion and debating an issue without getting all worked up. Not that we don't take shots. We do. Jackie made a comment about "simple-minded readers." I laughed when she did it, because that was a technique that I use myself. Great jab! That's the key, isn't it? To laugh and have fun with it. I knew Jackie was having fun with me, goading me. I did the same with the intial post. I expected heated reactions. Sure.

Read the post and the comments if you choose and know that we can have fun at one another's expense, be critical and serious, and discuss controversial and emotional topics all at the same time.

Thanks, Jackie. I loved every minute of it.


Jackie Melton said...

My pleasure. ;)

You know, a lot of people pay lip service to how they know other people have a right to their own opinion (so long as they agree with the opinion of the other).

We'd all like to think we have some small influence over others, I think.

Influence isn't ever gained by alienating or insulting other people, in my opinion. I'm sure others would have a problem with that statement, ah, and they have a right to it. ;)

Jackie Melton said...

Now, all that stuff aside, a good go 'round with someone just for the fun of it once in a while isn't ever out of the question.