Monday, September 01, 2008


I have come upon circumstance wherein I need to sell my Honda motorcycle. You see, the wife bought me a Harley on Saturday – something I have wanted since before we got married. An early graduation present. I don't need two bikes. If you want to cut down on your fuel expenses, and enjoy the ride at the same time (with a purchase that will not break your bank) then consider this motorcycle.

1999 Honda Shadow ACE
750 cc
15,600 miles


The Honda was my first bike, and it is a dandy. I hate to get rid of it. I would prefer keeping it for my daughter, but I cannot justify having two motorcycles. She’s only 8-years-old afterall.

I have ridden it to Sturgis, South Dakota for the biker rally; Sturgis, Kentucky several times for that biker rally; and rode it through Yellowstone National Park. It is comfortable, reliable and never given me any trouble. The only things I’ve done are add on lots of extras, and take it in for routine maintenance.

The Extras include:
  • Slash-cut pipes
  • Carburetor rejeted
  • 10-inch rise handlebars
  • (the original beach bars are also included)
  • Floorboards
  • Detachable backrest
  • Windshield (adjustable)
  • Leather saddlebags
  • Grips
  • Highway pegs

For more information contact me at:

This is her. Ain't she a beauty?

Here is a shot from the right side. The backrest comes off easily, as does the back seat. There is a chrome frame under the bags to keep them straight and out of the tires. If one prefers the more mean and lean look, then the frame, the windshield, the back seat, and the backrest can be taken off. It gives the bike a whole new look. All of those things can be done in minutes.

This is a shot of the slash-cut pipes. They look great and sound wonderful. Not too loud, but you can hear them. They are not harsh or metallic sounding, but have a nice, deep roar.

This is a close up of the American Honda logo. This bike was built in America.

Notice the highway bars. I added those a few years ago. They come off easily if you do not care for the look.

The floorboards. The original foot pegs are also included in the purchase, but once you use floorboards, you will never go back. It makes all the difference in a comfortable ride. But if you like the old school look, then you can put the foot pegs back on.

The pipes are clean, with NO blue. That's because when I changed the pipes I had the carb rejetted so it all worked properly.


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Evie Fisken said...

Amazing bike . Those bike are looking pretty, stylish . Above all it's look awesome .Great job keep it up.