Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I’m Only Talking About Local Politics for a Change

I’m taking a break from national politics. It’s making me crazy – infuriating the ever-loving crap out of me. Heck with it. I know who I am voting for. I’m taking an Obama-McCain hiatus to focus on local politics. Oh you know, the people we are also voting for come November, the people on the lower end of the ticket, the folks who run our city and state government – pretty important and less controversial and hateful. The national scene is just getting too nasty for my taste.

In the last election, I supported Nancy Hagan as my local representative in Jefferson City. She was running against incumbent and fibber Charlie Dennison. I accuse him of not telling the truth as I have first hand knowledge. We traveled to Jeff City and talked with him back in the day when the Medicaid cuts were being discussed. He assured us that no one who really needed services would be cut. He promised, in fact, that if anyone who really needed the services was cut, he would fight for them and to get it repealed.

We knew then it was a load of horse-hockey. Sure enough, when real people in wheelchairs with spinal cord injuries were hurt seriously, such as my friend, we contacted old Dennison. He refused to correspond with us in any way.

We interviewed Nancy Hagan back then and she had a great platform. We supported her then and we support her now. She is a retired teacher. You can read the interviews of Hagan during the last election here and here.

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