Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bikers for Obama

When I say "bikers" I mean it in the real sense, the manly sense, the ground-pounding, throttle-rocking, horse power sense of the word. Those of the peddling variety, who are cool in their own right, are "bicyclists" not "bikers".

Bikers for Obama are riding for change this Friday. The purpose is to support Obama's commitment to "buy American". McCain supports policies that take American jobs overseas. I have both a Honda Shadow and a Harley-Davidson. Did you know that my Honda motorcycle is American made?

Fat Jack is making arrangements to cover the event, both as a biker and a blogger.


Anonymous said...

Interesting meeting with President Clinton today. Do you think there is a chance a discussion has taken place about Hillary entering as VP in place of Senator Biden. So much controversy already, maybe it will be necessary to carry the election.

Anonymous said...

The strategy is clear. Biden will continue to lay plans and create a build up for Hillary Clinton to assume the VP nomination. The tension will grow. A real experienced politician who is also a woman–Hillary Clinton, not Sarah Palin. The media will suck the hot air out of McCain’s lame Palin tricks as it speculates if Biden will step aside. End of September, just a day or two before the Biden-Palin debate–a stunning announcement. For personal reasons Joe Biden has decided to step aside and throws his full support for Hillary to be VP. Obama and Clinton appear together with the full endorsement of the Democratic Party. Clinton shows up at the Palin debate and cleans Palin’s clock. The GOP is completely thrown off balance and can only spin its old Clinton attacks. An African American is elected President fulfilling the dreams of Lincoln and King. A woman is elected Vice President fulfilling the dreams of Obama’s daughters and generations of women. The nation is saved. PS Joe Biden is a hero who really placed Country First!!!