Sunday, December 28, 2008


Lego Indiana Jones Temple Escape

I must admit, I never understood the purpose when Lego came out with movie themed sets. Why spend all that time building a Star Wars TIE Fighter or Indiana Jones temple? Just get the toys and play with them.

I was thinking too practically and not like a kid. I refer you to this story's headline. My daughter wanted Legos for Christmas and for some reason this was her first set. She got two sets of Indiana Jones Legos.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple from Lego

We have had the best time putting those boogers together. The Temple Escape took a long time to put together, but we stuck with it.

(PARENTAL NOTE: We Dads like a building challenge, what with all the construction and sticker placement. I slowed down and made sure my daughter did the work. I helped her decipher the picture instructions, but she put most of the pieces together herself. It was hard at times because I really wanted to help her, but I sat still. It took longer that way, but the whole ordeal was much more satisfying. She was quite proud of herself afterward.)


Busplunge said...

My son and grandsons think Legos are the neatest toys.

Me, meh.

Busplunge said...

btw---Austin, the 9 year old, got me hooked on Donkey Kong Country on that little game boy thing.

I almost had it beat when I accidently erased it.

Chris said...

Oh man, I love Legos.

My brother and I used to have buckets and buckets of various Legos, so we would build cities out of them and Lego bombs...and carry out acts of war against each other, thusly destroying the afore-mentioned cities.

Building is definitely half the fun; destroying, the other half.