Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Phillip A. Roberson, a Christian, is none too happy with the attitudes and behaviors of many of Springfield's finest followers of Jesus. He finds there is more lip service and Old Testament anger than Christian love.

Roberson makes a good point about the always controversial Rev. Rice and his homeless ministry, especially centered around veterans. Oh yes, we love to sport those magnetic ribbons on the back of our vehicles, but when it comes to creating shelter and food for the veterans, we are not so supportive.

Seems to me that Jesus was also rather controversial and thumbed his nose at authority and rules. Made the powers that be blood thirsty. Rice does the same, not that he is Jesus. Of course, there is a legitimate concern that Rice is so lackadaisical about rules that rape, murder and chainsaws are real concerns.

You can read Roberson's letter to the editor here.

Merry Christmas.


Jason said...

"Seems to me that Jesus was also rather controversial and thumbed his nose at authority and rules. Made the powers that be blood thirsty. Rice does the same, not that he is Jesus."

Wow, Jack, you really missed it here.

Jesus called for people to submit to the ruling authorities when it did not conflict with God's law. Larry Rice's actions in violation of the city's laws have absolutely zero solid Biblical grounds because the things he wants to accomplish can be done within the bounds of the law.

Rev. Rice is openly committing sin by knowingly violating city codes. If there were no ways to help the homeless in Springfield he may have Biblical grounds then but as Victory Mission, the Salvation Army, the Kitchen and others have shown you can help the homeless and fulfill God's call while also obeying Jesus' command to obey earthly authority.

Guys like Rev. Rice and Mr. Robertson do more harm than good by saying a Christian should break the laws when it's not necessary. Jesus would not do what Rev. Rice does in any measure because Jesus would not willingly break the city codes the way Rice does.

So to answer the question you pose in your subject line, Jesus would tell Rev. Rice to stop causing problems and help people in the ways they can be helped.

Jesus Was A Radical said...

"Rev. Rice is openly committing sin by knowingly violating city codes."

Hmmm,,,Mahatma Ghandi, Marin Luther King, Martin Buber, Thoreau, and all those thousands of us who protested Jim Crow and Vietnam, according to Jason, have committed sin.

Jason--are you able to appreciate the concept of civil disobedience?

Surely, as a member of the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights you can the appreciate the concept of "equal".

btw, Happy Holidays.

Jason said...

Feel free to identify yourself and we can discuss it.

If you have a point of view, have the integrity to identify yourself and defend it.

Happy Holidays To ALL! said...

Nah, I'm not going to hijack this blog.

Jesus criticized and disobeyed laws when they got in the way of helping people. He healed people on the sabbath, for example, even though all work was prohibited on the sabbath. Religion and government were intermixed, so Jesus was challenging the law of the land.

The threat Jesus posed to both religious and political authorities led to his crucifixion.

Government is not the only or always the best instrument to deal with injustice. But it is one of the institutions created for the welfare of people.

Because we live in a democracy, a nation with a government "of the people," we have a special privilege and responsibility to use the power of our citizenship to promote public justice and reduce hunger.

Enjoy the holidays, you have much to be thankful for: a job, a house and a family.

Fat Jack, please except this rant, it probably belongs on Craiglist's Rants and Raves instead of here.

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Jack said...

I don't mind the discourse. That's the point of a blog. I don't consider it hijacking.

And you are welcome to do so without identifying yourself, at least on my blog. I'm not sure what good discussion has to do with anonymity, and this is a good and civil discussion -- one worth having, regardless of one's name.

tom said...

Since Larry Rice is giving of himself in this regard I find him to be more "Christ like" then those who are discriminating against him.

Jason I hate to disagree but ordinances clearly state that no more than 3 unrelated people allowed in any home and by simple wording what Larry Rice is trying to establish could be looked at as a home for the homeless, thus allowing NO more than three people inside to stay.
Jesus nor God would have any problems with the actions taken to create this place of servitude for those who have NO place to go, government does.