Monday, December 22, 2008


I choose the N-Strike Long Shot, a sniper-like rife with a detachable pistol.
It holds two, six-round clips and has a righteous bipod.

We had Christmas with Skinny Kitty's family on Saturday and the daughter and I got a wicked-cool gift from Mrs. Claus: Nerf guns! The daughter didn't ask for this, but she has enjoyed it none-the-less.

Our church youth group is having a lock-in over the holiday and we decided rather than playing sardines, our old standby, we thought it would be fun to shake things up and play Nerf tag. So everyone is purchasing a Nerf gun, or asking for one for Christmas.

This is Cubbie's gun. It sports a laser sight, and a detachable barrel extension.
It also has a six-round clip. This puppy shoots a long way
and is a good one for a little one.

So I had to buy one. Skinny Kitty had enough sense to know that I would likely torment our child with the thing, so she insisted that I buy one for my Cubbie. Low and behold, she really enjoys it, so long as I do not pummel her with soft darts, which I don't.

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Jeremy D. Young said...

Nerf is all kinds of cool. Several of us at work have these (except in the older color) in our desk drawers.

The biggest drawback about the magnum is its lack of range. Generally though for the cube farm the range is sufficient :)