Friday, December 05, 2008


Batman goes back to the screen and then we hear word that Superman is getting the reboot, (says Newsarama) meaning they are completely ignoring the swirling mess of poo that was Superman Returns. [shudder]

I've never been too keen on the Man of Steel. I mean, he's okay and all, but there's something about him I think is kinda sissy. Funny isn't it, as he is the strongest being on the face of the planet. In a fair fight, he could take Batman or any other caped hero except maybe Wonder Woman, but there's no such thing as a fair fight is there? Superman is just too sissy and goody for my taste. If I'm going to go the good guy route, I much prefer Captain Marvel (the one you probably know as Shazam!) I like him because he is a boy who utters those magic words (Shazam!) when the world needs him, and turns into Captain Marvel. He's a goody-good if ever there was one, but that makes sense because he is really just a kid in an adult superhero's body. We expect him to say holey moley and golly gosh and things like that.

So help me, if they make this Superman a family-deserting bastard, who can amazingly lift a freaking island infused with Krypton, (his only death sentence) I am going to explode. Explode, I tell you. Judas Priest! These writers get paid how much to completely ignore the basics of the mythos?

I'd much rather see a Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel or new Batman movie over Superman, but they didn't ask me, did they? I doubt they plan on it either.

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