Saturday, December 06, 2008


… that does not include waging a war in order to establish a president's personal legacy. Today the soon-to-be leader of the free world let loose his vision of change, his plan to actually do something to benefit this country without shedding more innocent blood. Thank God.

It's being called the 21st Century New Deal, which I'm sure will have conservatives spinning and whirling, spitting and twirling. His plan, and this over-simplified, is to rebuild road and bridges, help schools prepare students to actually live and function in the 21st Century world, bring more broadband Internet access to Americans, and establish interconnectedness with hospitals. using electronic medial records. It's called investment, and successful companies invest in themselves all the time in order to stay competitive.

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This all hinges on the creation of jobs, you know those things that are required for a free market economy to function, those things that are flushing down the toilet the longer W is in office. Personally, I am excited to have real change and a real vision that is not just a singular vision of "kill 'em all and let God sort them out" mentality.


Jeremy D. Young said...

Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus, right down Pennsylvania Ave.....

1. The Federal Government doesn't have the Constitutional authority to do anything Obama wants to do.
-- Yeah, but who cares.

2. The Federal Government doesn't have the money to do anything that Obama wants to do.
-- Yeah, but the Federal Reserve can print it out of thin air.

3. The Federal Government cannot execute efficiently anything that Obama wants to do.
-- Yeah, but the idealists don't think that corruption will infiltrate the New New Deal.

Why do people get happy about having their livelihoods stolen by the Federal Government?

When the Federal Government does what it's not allowed to do in the Constitution, and no one stops them, how is that different than Tyranny?

When the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, reducing the buying power of your salary, how are you ever going to stay afloat?

When the Federal Government dictates what companies and entities are allowed to provide all these jobs, how are you to find work when you are the persecuted minority?

Why do we let power become concentrated in Washington DC, and how can we expect it to come out rosy?

Welcome to the New World Order, where we all bow down and face the capital and thank them for the many blessings they pour out upon us unworthy "citizens".

There's only the slightest amount of hyperbole in my statements.

Chris said...

Jeremy, the points you stated are exactly why I hate big government...Republican, Democrat, whoever, the Washington brain trust is killing the average American.

But at any rate, I pray for my leadership even though I did not by any means help elect them to public office.

Chris said...


The REAL change comes when citizens of all faiths, political beliefs, etc. band together and support their local economies and communities with their money and hard work. Washington is raping us all and it will continue no matter who is in power in the Oval Office.

Granny said...

I'm glad to have a President who speaks in complete sentences! This is incredible progress.

Anonymous said...

Complete sentences with a functioning teleprompter - less uh uh's and mm's that way, just listen to his 0press conferences when he answers reporters - not to good on his feet during extemporaneous situations.

Jeremy D. Young said...

I really fail to understand why liberals make a huge deal about George W. Bush's speech and manerisms when he's the head of an administration that has taken away so many of our liberties, expanded the Federal Government, and increased our national debt.

His mannerisms are the least of our worries.

Wait, maybe they focus on sentences because Obama scares them even more in the other areas, New New Deal (Huge amounts of new spending), New Federal Police Force (say goodbye to more liberties), and he won't be surrendering any of the expansions of Executive power either.

I guess I answered my own questions. There's really nothing other than full sentences to look forward to.