Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was lamenting my luck the other day, posting a bit on the unfortunate breakdown on my dryer. It's back online and working fine, thanks to the handy services of the appliance guy who had a replacement element in his truck. 

Last night, during my last final for the week, the sole of my shoe explodes. The heel disintegrated, leaving behind bits of black rubber shrapnel all over the floor. Of course, it didn't happen to just any pair of shoes. Oh no, it was my only pair of snow boots. Actually, they are Red Head hunting boots: water proof, tall, and thinsulated. 

Crap almighty. Christmas and taxes have depleted the savings and we are trying hard to save every penny. There used to be a shoe repair shop in the mall, but I don't think it's there anymore. I've got to find one, and quick. Have those expensive boots re-soled before the next storm. I'm hoping that doesn't cost too much. 


The good news is that finals are over. I'm a graduate student and that means I have plenty of homework to work on over break. The majority involves my seminar paper (thesis). Today … well today I am taking a day off. No homework. Just a rest. I'm not feeling all that great anyway – sinus crud. 

I'm hoping nothing else goes wrong until after Christmas. 

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Busplunge said...

You think you got problems?

My little brother has had his share of mishaps this week also.