Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Time Magazine announced their Person of the Year on the Today Show this morning. As you can see from the image, it was our president-elect. Time considered making us, the voters, the Person of the Year again, but thankfully they learned from their last mistake of choosing us, all of us, again. That was a ridiculous and trite thing to do, gimmicky and all. 

I'm sure this year's pick will be controversial as well. You can read their reasoning by clicking here. I'm not sure I would have picked him until we see more of what he accomplishes, but I understand why they did. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes the Media loves the Obama:

Time has featured Obama on its cover 14 times since Jan. 1. Newsweek was close behind, featuring the now-president-elect on 12 of its issues. Time has had 52 issues in 2008, so Obama has been featured on more than one-in-four of its covers, or about 27% of the time.

That number, though, goes even higher if you include how many times Obama has appeared in the "skybox" -- 11 times.

That means Obama's face or name has somehow made it onto the cover of Time just about half of the time this year (25 out of 52 issues -- 48%)

Newsweek has had 49 issues this year so far (through Dec. 22), so Obama has been featured on about a quarter of its covers as well.

I am sure that he will make it more this next year.