Thursday, March 05, 2009


Who'd a thunk it? That there could be a comic book movie worse that BATMAN & ROBIN is disturbing enough. The knowledge that there exists five of these crappy comic flicks demonstrates Hollywood's desire to cash in on trash. Personally, I think Cracked left out that gobstopper of a cow patty fest known as THE AVENGERS (1998) not to mention the pittiful attempt at GHOST RIDER. For the love of all that is holy and good, Nick Cage is fantastic in quirky roles, but an action star he is not.

Keep all of these "movies" (if you can call them that) in mind when you are watching WATCHMEN this weekend. And you are going to see it in theaters arent' you?

[engage Jedi mind trick]

You will see WATCHMEN.
"I will see WATCHMEN," you reply.

[disengage Jedi mind trick]


run_deep said...

Saw it.
I am a BIT of a comic book fan, but admit I have never read the graphic novel.

I felt like this really wanted to me more profound than average comic book fare. It wasn't. But it realllly wanted to be. Too much wanting.

ch-ching, my 2 cents (Eurocents, that are worth almost a nickel US!)

Have a good one--
Until the Beast speaks like Bush,
Make mine marvel!

Michelle (Mitch) said...

Hey Jack- You won't be able to add either of those documentaries to Netflix for a while, they won't be out until later in the year. Keep them on a to-do and when you get a chance to see them, do it!

Jack said...

Run Deep,
You should read it. I think you'd be much happier.

Ah that stinks. If I get the chance, I will see them.