Monday, March 23, 2009


Speaking of strong women (see post below), I was graced with a comment from a reader and new blogger. We need more local female bloggers. The fact that Diana (of Diana's Wisdom) is a liberal blogger makes the read a bit more sweet as many of our local liberal lady-bloggers have gone away (Granny, Marmot, Sky Girl).

It should be noted that bloggers of all persuasions are welcome here. I love big, fat questions and challenges, don't you know. I especially love to get into stone-throwing competitions with my favorite conservative female blogger, JackeHammer.

Stop by and welcome Diana to the fold. It looks like she is going to give us all a good dose of female pride, girl power, and civil rights. Our society needs more of it all.

Welcome, Diana. You've been added to the blog roll.

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