Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sugar Britches, a relatively new local blogger, keeps tabs on the sign outside The Pony (a gentlemen's cabaret at the corner of Sunshine and Battlefield). The fine establishment boasts all kinds of lady wrestling:

cherry pie
ramen noodle
biscuits and gravy

I'm thinking our next blogger's meeting should be held here, just to see what this is all about. Larry could do a podcast. No? Too much? Probably so, besides I'd hate to get all involved in some kind of sordid corn oil and Tabasco wrestling match with Jason. I think it would play Hell with those earbuds he's always wearing and it would make my motorcycle seat smell.


Sparky's Friend said...

I got so excited over reading about you and Jason wrestling in hot oil and tabasco sauce I made a comment in the wrong place.....can you move it over here or just throw it away, I'm such a trashy little trashpile!

Jack said...

I deleted it for you. Can't move them.

Jason said...

Actually, it might improve the motorcycle seat's smell, Jack. ;)