Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went to a comic book convention in Tulsa, OK early last fall and saw a strange movie promotion: Hamlet 2. It was billed as a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and South Park and actually that's right on.

It's about a former actor (and a terrible one at that) turned high school drama teacher (and he's bad at that, too). When the school cuts drama at the end of the year as part of an economic problem, he decides to go with a bang. Then the administrators find out about the musical, Hamlet 2, and the controversy explodes. He gets fired, banned, beat up and divorced, but still he plods ahead. Eventually the ACLU gets involved.

Jesus, gay Laertes, Hamlet saving everyone, time travel, "Rock me sexy Jesus", and much more make for an interesting time. Oh, and all of this is funnier than a dancing mule (sweatier, too). You have to appreciate quirky films with demented humor to get this little gem at all. If you do, then give it a look-see. Let me know what you think.

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