Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dennis Lamkins, in today's News-Leader editorial, feels we should:

Lamkins claims to understand our Constitution, but I think he forgot that pesky part (called the First Amendment) about freedom of religion. Like many crack-pot religious zealots, he only wants the Constitution to protect his religion and his belief system. To Hell with anyone else.


Granny said...

Jack, I haven't been able to confirm it yet, but I've heard that Dennis is gay. This explains a LOT.

Ben said...

Rush Limbaugh concentrates on domestic politics & economics, devoting relatively little time to Islam, and not going into great detail.

The first amendment was crafted to prevent the federal gov't. from establishing a national church. It was in contemplation of interdenominational Christian rivalries, not the threat posed by Jihad.

You would do well to read the Qur'an & hadith and examine Shari'ah instead of pontificating from the pillar of ignorance.

If Islam is a freedom of religion issue, it is the right to murder, rape, enslave & pillage, all of which are intrinsic sacraments of Islam.

If they have the right and duty to perform those actions, we have no rights at all.

The right to life is first and foremost, without it, all other rights are null and void.

Islam declares open season on Kufar, with no bag limit.

Allah mandated perpetual warfare, and Moe cursed Muslims who would abandon Jihad in favor of agricultural production.

I suggest that you download and read EgregiousAyat.chm. Begin by reading the Islamic Law chapter.

Jack said...


Congratulations on your use of "pontification". Gosh, that must make you feel real smart. Not smart enough to realize that there is a difference between extremists and regular followers.

Perhaps you've forgotten the terrorist Christians who have bombed abortion clinics. They no more represent the whole of Christianity as do the terrorist Muslims.

Spend your time and your blogging energies fighting a religion and globally condemning all the believers if you must. As if the followers of Islam are a homogeneous group. But remember, no matter how many big words you use to convince yourself that you are doing the intelligent thing, the hatred and anger you promote will eat your soul in the end.

PackSmack said...


So you get to stereo-type Ben as 'just another extremist,' do you? Yes, he is on one side of the scale while the other 'extremists,' the terrorists, are on the other side of the scale, and you can plant yourself right down there in the middle of them both as sane, justified and right. Correct?

Well I hope you are comfortable there 'in the middle' because while you are enjoying yourself the scourge of Islam is plotting to kill your family, is coordinating to destroy your country and is undermining your laws and ideas at this very moment. But ignorance is bliss, so no need to have to wake up and pay attention.

For not only is Ben not 'just another extremist,' but he is one of those guys who is the early-warning signal on your country's radar screen that you should pay attention to.

You are ignorant of what Islam teaches and what its agenda is; Ben is not. Islam is working to kill or enslave you and you are busy shooting the messenger who tells you so.

It is this ignorance upon which Islam depends so that it might wedge its way into our system and use our laws to protect and enlarge itself. But you fiddle while Rome burns...

The 'freedom of religion' pre-supposed Christian denominations; it did not assume that a false religion had equivalence.

You really should inform yourself, and people like Ben are as rich of a resource as is available on the internet.

Try to shoot him down if you want; but you won't prove him wrong.

Complaint Department Manager said...

"You are ignorant of what Islam teaches and what its agenda is; Ben is not. Islam is working to kill or enslave you and you are busy shooting the messenger who tells you so."

WOW! This has got to be one of the biggest crocks of shit I've seen someone put out...and I know my crocks of shit. I hope typing all of that didn't make you late for your white sheet fitting.

Ben said...

Since you have attached the "shit" label to a truthful statement, I am inclined to doubt your expertise, but I acknowledge your ability to dish it out.

The concept of "extreme" Islam is an egregious error. Genocidal conquest using terror as a battle tactic is the standard of Islam, not a deviation. Moe established that standard with his recitation and exemplified it with his sunna.

Bombing abortion clinics & shooting abortionists is a deviation from Christianity, not the standard. Some fools can't discern the difference.

Anonymous said...

Try this as what Christians would as extreme factions do:

Even the milder factions of Islam are terrified of the extremists and will do their demands because they do know what is in the Quran.

I will trust and follow Christianity and this battle will never be settled between Muslims and Judeo-Christians and I will stay on the side that I am.