Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Our marathon of movies (thank you Spring Break) continues, and so far it has been ever-so entertaining. I love James Bond and the found renewed strengh in the series with Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is superb as our beloved double-aught spy.

Quantum of Confusion left me feeling kinda "meh". I was tired when I watched it and that might be the problem, but I found it a bit too jumbled up and discombobulated. The chase scenes – and there were plenty of those – were cool, but I must confess that I missed the gadgets.

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Jason said...

I was disappointed by it as well. They had a real high bar to hit after the brilliance of Casino Royale and I think they felt going back to the old Bond formula without the gadgets would do the trick.

It almost felt like a transitional film to get us to whatever they want to do in the next one.